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Saturday, 21 May 2016


My consultant is off on holiday for 2 weeks so this morning I had a quick drop-in session to see how I've done since Monday. This morning I weighed in at 12st 11.5 lbs so have lost 4.5lbs this week (well in 5 days) and my BMI is now 29.8 so I'm back within the "overweight" category instead of "obese". YAY

I'm not going to lie at the start of this week I felt starving, tired and very grumpy! From Monday - Wednesday I opted for the 200ml Skimmed Milk allowance rather than a small meal of 200kcals and I think this is the reason. I've been tired nearly everyday and sometimes have craved food, resulting in me slipping up once this week!
My favourite product this week has been the Lemon Flavoured Yogurt Bar, it's just the right amount of sweet without being too sicky.

On Thursday around 2-3pm I caved in work and went along to Tesco's to grab a meal deal. I felt so so so hungry and could hardly keep my eyes open and this definitely helped my mood. So here's a little breakdown of calories for this day that I fell off plan;

Morning - CWP Strawberry Silk Shake (140kcal). Lunch - Tesco Southern Fried Chicken Pasta (Whole pack = 592kcal, I'd estimate I had 3/4 of the pack so 444kcals) Walkers Baked Salt & Vinegar Crisps (155kcal) Diet Coke 300ml Can (1kcal)Snack - CWP Lemon Flavoured Yogurt Bar (184kcal). Dinner - CWP Chocolate Velvet Shake (153kcal).
Total Calories for the day = 1077.
I've had quite a good loss so far so I'm quite happy to have a meal here and there without worrying, although one thing I will say is that it does make getting back on plan (cold turkey, no food) that little bit harder.

On another note, my skin has cleared up tons since being on this plan which I'm really pleased about. Maybe all the good nutrients packed into the products? or maybe just the fact I don't eat junk anymore...or at least I try not to.

I may or may not have normal food as a treat tonight without going overboard, It's exactly a week until my friends wedding though and I'm going to try and be as good as I can the rest of next week ready for a weekend fully off plan! *Oh all the vodka lemonades in the worlllllddd*

Start weight: 190lbs Current Weight: 179.5lbs Goal Weight: around 140lbs Total lbs lost: 10.5lbs

Monday, 16 May 2016


It's day 11 and weigh day I've lost 2lbs this week which I'm happy enough with as I haven't been 100% on plan everyday!

Here's how my week went;
Tuesday - Thursday I was completely on plan I drank plenty of water, had my 3 products and for lunch I had cooked chicken breast with celery (chicken cooked in a mixture of oregano, paprika & chilli flakes). I haven't felt hungry so that just goes to show that maybe sometimes I do eat out of boredom. I've done as my consultant recommended and kept myself busy - in work doing any little tasks during the quiet spells and outside of work my mind has been pretty occupied on finding an outfit for my friends wedding in just 2 weeks time!
So the week started off great until the dreaded weekend hit...On Friday I went shopping and by lunchtime with no CWP product ready to grab I was starving so popped into Boots for a meal deal. Instead of grabbing complete junk I did opt for something that I liked that had the lowest calories so lunch wasn't that bad. By the evening I let myself fall off plan again when I joined my boyfriend in having Miss Millie's for dinner (similar fast food chain to KFC). My attitude was I'd already messed that day up by eating at lunch, so what more harm could dinner do? WRONG ATTITUDE. Anyhow - Here's a breakdown of what I had to eat this day in full;

Morning - CWP Strawberry Silk Shake (140kcal). Lunch - Boots Chicken Fajita (409kcal), Snack a Jacks Salt & Vinegar (106kcal), Eat Natural Fruit & Nut Bar (215kcal). Snack - CWP Chocolate Chewy Bar (169kcal). Dinner - Miss Millie's Chicken in a bun, lettuce & mayo, with chips and ketchup (approx. 800kcal)
Total Calories for the day = 1839, way over the daily limit for someone trying to lose weight.

Saturday I got back on plan I was pretty hungry because it was basically starting Day 1 of the diet all over again, so plenty of water and an early bedtime for me that day!
On Sunday I was off plan once again, I started with my morning shake but then it all went out the door when I once again went shopping and at lunch time grabbed a CafĂ© Nero Panini and pack of crisps. It filled me up until around 6/7pm so I wasn't hungry and I probably would of been happy having another CWP product, but I went out for dinner for Tapas, it was my first time ever having tapas and I think I'm in love. I had a mixture of Mussels, Mushrooms cooked in garlic, Grilled Spanish Sausage (Chorizo), Garlic Bread and Paella. I'm not even going to attempt to work out my calorie intake for this day. I also had 2 pints of full fat coke. *eeek*

I've managed to lose weight this time but I need to remember not to get cocky and let this become a regular occurrence. My consultant is on holiday for 2 weeks this weekend so I'm going to be weighing this Saturday with her and then I'm on my own until the 7th (June) so I really need to stay on track in between to get the weight loss I want!

Start weight: 190lbs Current Weight: 184lbs Goal Weight: around 140lbs Total lbs lost: 6lbs


Saturday, 14 May 2016


I FINALLY HAVE KYLIE LIP KITS and my verdict is...I love them, obviously. I love the texture, I love how they make my lips look bigger and I love how long they last. My friend actually managed to get these for me in the colours Candy K and Dolce K and now I want the whole collection. I paid £45 for the pair including shipping which some people would think is a lot of money for a lipstick but let's remember you get a lip pencil AND a matte lipstick for that price. So this one gets my BUY vote!

Now moving onto the NARS products that I grabbed in the ASOS 30% off beauty sale. NARS Sheer Glow Foundation (colour Ceylan), I'm not a fan. I've tried it using setting powder and without, primer and without, NARS Illuminator and without. I guess I don't like how light it is and I built it up quite a lot! It doesn't last well all day on my face like my previous foundations have, halfway through the day it became quite patchy and separated on my face. For the price tag of £31.00 it's a no from me. The Illuminator however, LOVE - colour purchased 'Orgasm'.  

I follow Morphe Brushes on Instagram and decided to finally take the plunge and try a couple of their palettes as they are so reasonably priced and the colours look amazing. I purchased on Cult Beauty and was surprised at how quickly they arrived, especially as I just clicked the standard delivery option. First impressions I'm loving the colours and the pigment seems really strong, for £20.75 per palette it's perfect for me (not a make up artist/just a lover of make up kinda girl). I'm looking forward to trying these out - the palettes from left to right are; 35P, 35B, 35K.
And finally my last little make up binge for this month is some KIKO Milano products, I stumbled into their store whilst my car was being serviced and ended up leaving with £50 worth of products.

Foundation Face Brush (Limited Edition) - £14.90
I decided to give a typical foundation brush a whirl, I usually use a stippling brush for my foundation but was drawn to this purely for the colour. The bristles are really soft and so far I'm enjoying the application of my foundation using this brush. It glides easily on my face and I can build up product well.

Desert Dunes Trio Baked Blush in 01 Coral - £16.90
Another one I was drawn to for the packaging was this blush that comes from the same limited edition collection as the brush. First impressions the pigment is really strong it literally takes just 1-2 strokes of a blush brush for the colour to really stand out, I also think it's a good alternative to my Estee Lauder blush that costs £27. Great colour for when I finally have a tan, so for me this one is a summer must have!
Cream Crush Lasting Eyeshadow in 09 Pearly Gold - £6.90
I picked this up as after testing in store thought it was a great shimmer product for using to highlight the corners of my eyes and under my brows. I've yet to fully test it out in a make up but first impressions is that it seems good - also online they are priced at just £3! so a bargain.

High Pigment Wet & Dry Eyeshadow in 32 Pearly Champagne - £6.90
Another light eyeshadow product, I love trying to find a light alternative to the light tones within my Urban Decay palettes as obviously in those palettes it's not a massive amount of product so I don't want to end up using just that 1 colour before the rest. First impressions this is a perfect light tone for me without being white, I'll mostly use under my brows and in the corners of the eye.

Dark Circle Tone Eraser in 02 Orange - £8.90
I thought I'd see what the hype is all about with the colour correcting products, first impressions I see no difference in my overall look? I don't look any less tired then when I have not used this product. I don't have major under eye issues so I wonder if I had really dark under eyes it would help, however for me I don't see the hype. I won't be purchasing again.

So for the rest of the month I am now poor. At least my face will look good I suppose and I won't have no money to buy any food - winning all round!

Thursday, 12 May 2016


I've done Cambridge before and for me it works, I gave up last time as I had a 2 week holiday in Mexico followed by wedding parties and festivals - realistically, a no go on this diet. A year later here I am again, still a piglet eating junk and drinking fizzy drinks like no tomorrow. I'm now at my heaviest I've ever been (190lbs) and uncomfortable in my own skin that I often decline invites to nights out with my friends as I don't want to be the fat friend.

I've decided I'm going to blog about my weight loss journey to keep myself a record, I also love reading other peoples success stories and knowing what they've done to achieve it so thought I'd share mine. When I'm eventually allowed more exciting food on my plan I will aim to post up recipes that I love, but for the mean time I will just give you a little insight into my weekly life whilst I'm on CWP.

The plan I've started on is Soul Source Plus (SS+), this is a very low calorie diet which long story short means that each day I have 3 Cambridge Weight Plan products followed by either 200ml Skimmed Milk or a 200cal meal made up of the very basic foods pictured below as well as unlimited water, yum.

As I write this post I am currently on Day 7, I began the plan on Friday 6th May and by my first weigh in on Monday 9th May I had lost 4lbs (in just 4 days!!).  My favourite products that I use at the moment are Chocolate Velvet & Strawberry Silk pre made shakes, Chewy Toffee Bar, Lemon Flavoured Yogurt Bar & Chocolate Orange Chewy Bar. Each cost £2.40 each so for 7 days worth of products the weight plan costs me £50.40.

My weekly weigh in day is a Monday (evening) so I will try to keep my weight loss posts to Mondays/Tuesdays as well for anybody who may want to follow my journey. Wish me luck!

Start weight: 190lbs Current Weight: 186lbs Goal Weight: around 140lbs
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